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10 reasons to visit Stara Zagora

Ancient wonders at the heart of Thrace

1. 10 reasons to visit Stara Zagora

One of the most interesting museums in the country is built on an authentic Roman street. The Regional Museum offers its visitors a walk through the ages starting over more than six thousand years B.C., through the Antiquity of the Roman conquerors, up to the Middle Ages and the Bulgarian National Revival. The museum boasts a collection of over a hundred thousand items, which tell the story of one of the oldest cities in Bulgarian and in Europe whose beginning dates back to over 8 000 years.

2. Eight-thousand-year-old Neolithic dwellings

Stara Zagora impresses its visitors with millennia-old history. One of the most wondrous places in the city is the Neolithic Dwellings Museum where tourists can see the most well preserved house in Europe dating over 8 000 years! The museum was built around the archeological findings themselves and takes its visitors back in time through stories and artifacts from the daily life and the faith of the prehistoric people who lived here.

3. Museum of religions

Stara Zagora's Museum of religions is one of a kind in Bulgaria. It reveals archeological findings from four distinct spiritual and religious practices from four different time periods, the oldest of which dates back to 10th century B.C. The Museum of religions is the place where cults, paganism, Christianity and Islam meet. It is a mandatory stop for the city's visitors!

4. Ayazmoto Park

This is the locals' favorite spot for outdoors walks and relaxation. Ayazmoto is one of the most beautiful and one of the largest parks in the country. It spans over 3,2 square kilometers and boasts over 180 different plant species. The park is well known for the legend of Kniaz Boris I's christening, but also for the Saint Theodor Tyron Chapel with its impressive mosaic frescoes, one of the few functioning halls of distorting mirrors in the country and the city zoo with over 450 animal species.

5. Stara Zagora's Defenders

The 'Samarsko Zname Monument' (Flag of Samara) towers from the top of the Stara Zagora Defenders Memorial Complex where a breathtaking view of the city is revealed. A hundred steps lead to the huge statues of the Defenders who whisper about the legacy of our freedom fighters.

6. Geo Milev's Memorial House and Museum

Stara Zagora is the birthplace of one of the most notable Bulgarian poets, fiction writers and translators. Geo Milev's home tells the story of the poet's family and his personal life journey. The uniquely curated hall with a multitude of artifacts from Geo Milev's life and work make this museum a must-see.

7. Beer's Museum

The only functioning museum in the country dedicated to beer lures the bitter drink's lovers with a visit to Stara Zagora's beer manufacturer’s factory. If you are tempted by beer, you can stop by the degustation hall and you can learn about the history of Bulgarian beer, which started in the beginning of the 20th century.

8. Entertainment for children

If you want to make your children happy by taking them on an interesting journey beyond the humdrum daily life, then Stara Zagora is the perfect choice. The city is interesting to its youngest visitors with the multitude of parks and promenades, the zoo, the observatory, the twisted mirror hall and the various friendly animals, which are an indelible part of the local gardens' fauna. You can also explore the kids' cultural program at the Puppet Theater and the Opera.

9. The heart of Thrace

Stara Zagora is more than a city, which retains its visitors in its embrace. Its perfect location and the proximity of many more historical sites and nature's riches make the city the perfect starting point for walks in the countryside. Any curious explorer will find it easy to reach the Thracian tombs of Kazanlak, the Zhrebchevo dam with its unique submerged church, the beautiful nature landscapes and the small tucked-in villages with their traditional holidays. These are only some of the intriguing locations in the region!

10. Stara Zagora's mineral baths

The healing mineral baths of Stara Zagora are located only fifteen kilometers away from the city. They are nestled into the Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain, surrounded by picturesque nature views. The baths use 40°C water springing from more than a kilometer and a half underground, and they offer a wonderful place for relaxation to the tired city dwellers.